Short courses about Field Research and Monitoring Techniques

Includes: Introduction, Terrestrial and Marine

Available courses

A short course introducing ecology and ecological principles.
By the end of the courses learners will be able to:

Describe and define the basic components of ecosystems

Describe and define some key interactions within ecological communities

Demonstrate a basic understanding of interactions between and within ecosystems

  • Teacher: Deborah Robertson-Andersson

The course covers:

An introduction to Conservation principles and Ethics

An introduction to ecology and ecological principles

An introduction to research and monitoring techniques

How to use a field guide

The focus is on doing vegetation surveys- using Alien Invasive Plants in a Nature Reserve or on a Private Farm as a case study

The techniques learnt are in line with techniques used by researchers and monitors worldwide.

This ensures that what is learnt can be adapted and applied worldwide.

A course focusing on Marine Field Research and Monitoring Techniques

A Course focusing on Terrestrial Research and Monitoring Techniques